EXPRESS FURNITURE'S BRAND NEW DIVAN BEDS AND MATTRESSES MADE IN YORKSHIRE BY SHIRE BEDS...... "With an ecoShire bed you can sleep tight, snug as a....(err...well...maybe not) knowing that our clever new range of mattresses use technology that wards off nasty little beasties like bedbugs, dust mites, mosquitoes and moths. EcoShield is the result of a genuine desire to combine science and nature in the fight against insects. The active ingredient of EcoShield is 100% natural and based on the oil of the eucalyptus citriodora tree.  And in true Shire beds fashion, we don't believe that a restful night's sleep should cost a lot of brass. From Yorkshire to your shire, we send our well-made, great value beds out across Britain, helping the nation drift into peaceful, worry-free, bedbug-free sleep."